Performance Psychology, Coaching & Mindfulness

Helping you move forward to fulfil your potential.

There is often a frustrating gap for many of us between practice and performance. Let’s work out together what is making the difference for you. Change in your performance will come from learning scientifically researched  strategies to help you reach the level you’re striving for.

Mental Note can help you to develop and maintain optimal performance. We do this by enhancing essential mental skills such as the ability to focus, anxiety management, and improving confidence.

Lee's coaching has enabled me to finally access my true potential as a professional musician after many years feeling at peril to performance inhibitions. Lee's perfect balance between emotional understanding and scientific knowledge resulted in a personalised program for self-improvement which I could follow at my own pace and put in to practise instantly. Since my sessions with Lee I have felt weights lift as I grow to become evermore present in my daily life and consequently achieve key goals which I had previously deemed unattainable.

HG, Freelance Musician - London - COACHING

I cannot recommend working with Lee highly enough. She coached me through a difficult restructure at a job which didn’t have a great working environment, and I am writing this from my new, better paid, position in a completely different field. The confidence I had to apply for this new job was in no small part down to Lee. I started coaching when I felt a bit professionally lost, and I knew the restructure was an opportunity to make changes, but I didn’t know what it was that I wanted. Lee managed to make everything feel clearer for me - what I was looking for but also how to get there. This also had a knock-on effect on my self-confidence, and ultimately my happiness, because the issues I was looking for help with stopped feeling insurmountable and undefined; we came up with measurable action items that steered me to the right direction.
I now have a more fulfilled professional life, and I cannot thank Lee enough for her help and support in getting there.

HR, Brand Manager @ a creative agency - CORPORATE

Lee is wonderful! She gave two classes on my International Flute Course - one on mindfulness and one on goal setting/performance psychology. Everyone loved both classes and found them hugely informative. She provided clear strategies and techniques to maximise productivity and positivity in each individual. I attended the classes myself and have discovered new ways of approaching challenges connected to my own performances. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lee to anyone wanting to learn more about understanding and managing feelings and stresses connected to performing. The work she did on mindfulness also without doubt benefited all of us, and is something I feel anyone could use effectively in their day to day life.

Katherine Bryan-Flautist - PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY

Loved your style-better and more encouraging, and practical than previous sessions I've attended. Made it all feel more achievable.

Bringing more thoughts into what I am actively doing while I'm doing it-my work really is better quality and I am less rushed to be finished and more enjoy the process.

I have discovered the benefit of taking a few moments out of my day to be mindful.

Mindfulness class participants - MINDFULNESS