Performance Psychology


Performance Psychology is the study of human factors that enable individuals and teams to achieve optimal performance. Traditionally used in sport, it can be used to enhance many aspects of performance in other domains such as business and the performing arts.

Mental Note will assist performers to explore psychological, emotional and behavioural patterns affecting their performance. I, (Mental Note’s trainer Lee Holland) fully understand the need for performers to manage their inner experience as an integral part of being able to perform optimally.

During sessions you as a performer will build a psychological tool-kit that you can use to perform more consistently in pressurised situations. As you practise these skills you will feel more in control of your preparation and delivery, and strengthen confidence.

I offer one to one training and coaching over the phone, by video call and in person to assist you with any aspect that is affecting your ability to perform at your peak in your career, study, and personal life. Working together to manage performance anxiety, enhance focus, improve confidence, and achieve previously unreached goals. Through a free and confidential initial consultation, we can discuss together how to create a personally tailored programme.

A selection of common themes explored in sessions:

  • Learn focus strategies to minimise distraction such as breathing techniques
  • Bridge the gap between the quality of rehearsal/training versus performance, by forming new psychological and behavioural patterns
  • Set appropriate and effective goals to keep you focused on what is important
  • Overcome negative thought patterns, with positive and realistic self talk
  • Learn the psychological mechanics of confidence